[gDesklets] About window (was: Re: Meta-Tags)

Hi there,

just renaming this discussion as it is more and more about the "About
window" and less about the meta-tags.
Once we all got to an agreement I will try to get it into 0.36.

>> Well, what about a (more or less) simple "About" menu and (on 
>> selection upcoming) window which provides links or even buttons to 
>> the README and/or LICENSE text files (if available). Or maybe even 
>> having tabs in the "About" window for this kind of information??
> The buttons sound good.

Well, the buttons will have a big dis-advantage:
Either you will have to open a new window (which will use memory) OR you
will have to open an external viewer/editor (like using the "View
sourcecode" (or however it's name is in the English translation)) which
wouldn't be much better either.
Therefore I would prefer the tabs.

> If someone will have the time to write the code which searches for 
> this files then be it.

:). I am on to it :)!

> BTW the name of the license file broadly used is called COPYING.
> Nautilus file browser recognizes such file as a license for example.

So we would need a search order for these files.

He is an example:



What about files like README.txt or if there is a README and a ReadMe
file ???
More suggestions / ideas ??

> Log file, it's IMHO too much. In this case not 99% of users don't 
> need it but 99.99% :) Anyways, I don't know any application which 
> displays the log file to users or at least I can't remember any.

Wouldn't it be nice to be the first app to provide it ??

OK, just kidding :). Although I still like the idea...

Greetings, Bjoern

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