Re: [gDesklets] Meta-Tags

Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Well, what about a (more or less) simple "About" menu and (on selection
> upcoming) window which provides links or even buttons to the README
> and/or LICENSE text files (if available).
> Or maybe even having tabs in the "About" window for this kind of
> information??
The buttons sound good. If someone will have the time to write the code
which searches for this files then be it. BTW the name of the license
file broadly used is called COPYING. Nautilus file browser recognizes
such file as a license for example.
> And another thing I was thinking about:
> This might be a good place to provide the desklet's log file (whenever
> gDesklets will provide seperate logfiles for each display). Maybe even
> with a "Copy to Clibboard" feature ;).
> Just in case there is a bug or a question.
Log file, it's IMHO too much. In this case not 99% of users don't need
it but 99.99% :) Anyways, I don't know any application which displays
the log file to users or at least I can't remember any.



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