Re: [gDesklets] !!Please test!!


2007/7/26, Lauri Kainulainen <lauri sokkelo net>:
> Would it be possible to get more output in the error message, like a
> line number or a bit of context?

I think that's rather complicated, Martin knows more about it. Martin?

If the error message becomes more elaborate (telling the line number,
> etc.) you could construct a hash out of it without the time information,
> put it in a list and then just test before calling print:
> if hash_of_error_msg not in list_of_printed_msgs:
>      print error_msg

Yeah, this seems to be a good idea. I hope it will work that way.

Hashing of course takes some computational power, but we shouldn't be
> expecting a lot of error messages to begin with :D

Well, if an error occurs I personally don't care about performance.


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