Re: [gDesklets] Meta-Tags

Hi there,

> This is the thing we agree on.


> On the other hand 99% of users don't care about the author, his e-mail, website 
> etc. :) I prefer to write this information in README but as far as it is 
> optional, I don't object.

That's true... most users do not use or take a look into the "About"
menu item. BUT (almost) every user knows that there is an "About" menu
item where he can find information like the version number and the
author and a way to contact the author(s).
And as this is a kind of standard I think it is a good idea to have this
menu, too.
And 99% of the users who do not care would be looking for the About Menu
(in whatever case it will be they would be looking for it), and not for
a README somewhere in the desklet's/display's path ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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