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  • [Bug 160014] Aisleriot doesn't check for the correct version of guile., bugzilla-daemon
  • [Bug 160014] aislerot has severl issues while compiling with gcc-3.4.2, bugzilla-daemon
  • [Bug 160014] New: aislerot has severl issues while compiling with gcc-3.4.2, bugzilla-daemon
  • freedesktop.org [resending], guenther
  • Building mozilla in garnome-2.8.1:, Dave Mielke
  • Update patch for Garnome-2.9.1, Stef van der Made
  • Bad Checksum for Shared-Mime-Info Archive, Bill G
  • freedesktop.org, guenther
  • error compiling hal, Matt Rose
  • Failed on Control Center, Mohindar Rao, Raavi (Broetje)
  • Possible deficiency in garnome build process., Dave Mielke
  • Nautilus crash and XDG_DATA_DIRS, J. Arribi
  • garnome-2.8.1: package org.GNOME.Bonobo does not exist (fwd), Dave Mielke
  • Hack to solve HAL compilation problems, Matthias Bethke
  • garnome 2.9.1 build fixes, Michael Labuschke
  • [Bug 156221] Compile fails on libwrap.a ndefined reference to `__ctype_b', bugzilla-daemon
  • 2.9.1: error compiling gnome-mag, J. Gardner Biggs
  • starting garnome of ubuntu, Jim Maas
  • garnome-2.8.1: package org.GNOME.Bonobo does not exist, Dave Mielke
  • GARNOME 2.9.1, Paul Drain
  • now missing kerberos, Jim Maas
  • missing openldap, Jim Maas
  • GARNOME for 2.9.1 ?, Xavier Bestel
  • gst-plugins failure, Chris Brennan
  • error compiling mozilla in garnome-2.8.1, Ben Van Mechelen
  • [Bug 136867] child-test is still hanging, bugzilla-daemon
  • [Bug 153027] beagle fails build with ./DBusisms.cs(38) error CS0246: Cannot find type `BusDriver', bugzilla-daemon
  • [Bug 156210] Compile fails on sql_parser.h the file has moved location in libgda-1.1.99, bugzilla-daemon
  • [Bug 144592] compile fails on /bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `; ' in en folder, bugzilla-daemon
  • libtool fails., Faure David

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