Questions for all board candidates

1.) For incumbents, have you missed any meetings? What is your % of
missed vs attended meetings and why? For new challengers, how much
time can you dedicate to working on the board each week? How do you
plan on spending that time?

2.) Other open source / free software projects run their meetings in
the open via IRC (such as Fedora's FESCO I believe). Would you
consider that, and if not, what about recording how board members vote
on a given topic. This includes +1 / -1 / abstains and perhaps give a
small comment on any -1 or abstain. In my opinion, as an open
foundation, the transparency of the board is absolutely critical
_where possible_. Leaders should always set the example for members.

Thankyou for your time and consideration.

Jeff Schroeder

Don't drink and derive, alcohol and analysis don't mix.

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