Re: Questions for all board candidates

hi Jeff,

On Thu, 2011-05-26 at 05:43 -0700, Jeff Schroeder wrote: 
> 2.) Other open source / free software projects run their meetings in
> the open via IRC (such as Fedora's FESCO I believe). Would you
> consider that, and if not, what about recording how board members vote
> on a given topic. This includes +1 / -1 / abstains and perhaps give a
> small comment on any -1 or abstain. In my opinion, as an open
> foundation, the transparency of the board is absolutely critical
> _where possible_. Leaders should always set the example for members.

I do believe that privacy in board meetings has its benefits.  It allows
for discussion of sensitive topics where the personal privacy of another
is concerned (hiring choices, reimbursements, etc).  It also allows for
frank discussion on public matters between members of the board.  If the
meetings were opened up to the public, these discussions would simply be
driven to back-channels, and I don't believe that to be a net

That said, the transparency of any elected body to its electors is
important.  The detailed minutes that we receive of each board meeting
have been quite good and I believe this to be a sufficient mechanism.

In essence, I have no problem with the status quo on this topic.


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