Re: Questions for all board candidates

On 2011-05-26 at 05:43, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> 2.) Other open source / free software projects run their meetings in
> the open via IRC (such as Fedora's FESCO I believe). Would you
> consider that, and if not, what about recording how board members vote
> on a given topic. This includes +1 / -1 / abstains and perhaps give a
> small comment on any -1 or abstain. In my opinion, as an open
> foundation, the transparency of the board is absolutely critical
> _where possible_. Leaders should always set the example for members.

the current minutes for the Foundation Board meetings are sent to this
very list, in a very timely and professional fashion. the minimal delay
is due to the necessary editing: the Board, while representing an open
project, has its own need for temporarily keeping some information to
the community at large. it's completely understandable, and nothing to
be scared of.

also, not every issue discussed is solvable with a vote; and even when
it is, recording who voted (or not voted) what and why might do a
disservice to the Board and the community in general. a secret ballot
is a perfectly legitimate democratic practice, even for representatives
of a community.

we should not maintain our representatives to a higher standard than we
do ourselves; *everyone* should lead by example, and put the greater
good of the community and the project as a whole first. the Board
members are part of the community, literally: we elected them from our
midst, and they don't cease to work within the community once they are
in office. holding them to a higher standard usually allows some
rationalization for us when we're not living up to the same standard,
but it's a disingenuous thing to do. the bar should be set high for
everyone, and everyone should try their best to clear it — be them Board
members of Foundation members.



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