Re: Questions for all board candidates

On Thu, 2011-05-26 at 05:43 -0700, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> 1.) For incumbents, have you missed any meetings? What is your % of
> missed vs attended meetings and why? For new challengers, how much
> time can you dedicate to working on the board each week? How do you
> plan on spending that time?
I am not sure yet, since this is my 1st time on the board. But as for
what others have told me, the board should take a few hours a week,
which fortunately I seem to have.

But apart from the board's tasks, I would spend lots of my real working
hours dealing with the relationship of GNOME and distributors (Ubuntu

> 2.) Other open source / free software projects run their meetings in
> the open via IRC (such as Fedora's FESCO I believe). Would you
> consider that, and if not, what about recording how board members vote
> on a given topic. This includes +1 / -1 / abstains and perhaps give a
> small comment on any -1 or abstain. In my opinion, as an open
> foundation, the transparency of the board is absolutely critical
> _where possible_. Leaders should always set the example for members.
I think that's a good idea for most topics. Although, AFAIK, some topics
are discussed privately first (because of sensible information being
discussed), so in those cases a private discussion might be needed. As
for the recording of votes, I think it might be good, but again, this is
my 1st time on the board (if I get elected :-) so not sure if others
with more experience would agree. But it is definitely a good thing to

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