Re: Graph::ASCII::Dia

On 23/03/06, Grégoire Dooms <dooms info ucl ac be> wrote:
Nobody said that you *have* to use Python. I remember reading Hans said
you could develop Perl bindings.

I've always found developer documentation for dia to be almost
entirely absent - I had to reverse engineer the XML format for autodia
to work because it was undocumented, looking at how to write a perl
API and allow plugins (two quite large jobs, mostly because the dia
side is undocumented) shows a complete abscence of any useful tips,
let alone documentation. This is annoying.

True. But did you take the time to document that XML format and release
it to the open crowd of wanna be contributors ?

I believe I made some documentation of it at the time and responded to
queries when emailed about it, however I can't find the notes I made
now due to bitrot. However the template in Autodia makes it pretty
clear, as do the comments in the code.

Well everybody has its bad hours. Is it any more constructive to raise
this matter into a flaming war ?

Not really, I just don't like python zealots, and right now I'm having
a particularly bad week dealing with code written by a PHP Weenie and
somebody who the bosses describe as a 'genius', it's a complete
trainwreck and the few scraps of documentation available are either,
out of date, brainstorming disguised as specifications, or plainly
incorrect. God save me from 'clever' programmers.


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