Re: Graph::ASCII::Dia

On 23/03/06, Aaron Trevena <aaron trevena gmail com> wrote:
On 22/03/06, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
Thats one of the things I find annoying about dia - WTF should I learn
python and rewrite cpan modules just to call a script from dia - lame
lame lame.

Very impressing and motivating words. Feel free to provide Perl bindings
to Dia or do what ever you see fit ;)

Of course if there was a binding API to build on, rather than just
some nasty python hackery I might bother.

Ah, I see Hans has already pointed out on list that he'd rather
everybody learn python that actually be helpful in anyway towards a
language independant API.

I thought I'd have a quick look to see how I would be able to add a
perl binding, as that would be useful, unfortunately there is zero
documentation of how the existing python binding works so I would have
to re-implement from scratch - yeay open source, yeay for knowledge
sharing and cooperation. Instead I just see heckling and anti perl
flames and bigotry from Hans.

How about some useful information Hans (or anybody else), or do I have
to have a hard time reading thru the Dia source code because you did.


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