RE: Graph::ASCII::Dia

Yes, definitely. And considering how much I'm paying for Dia, I'd say
I'm still getting more than what I paid for. :-)

For the record, I'd rather program in almost any other language (except
Visual Basic) instead of Python. I respedt Python and Guido Van very
much, but it's just not my style. TCL for lightweight
scripting/extension language and Perl for general-purpose programming
language, would be my choices. But, see the paragraph above.

All in all, the best for Dia would probably be a language-independent
API that allowed adding in multiple scripting languages, as in the Vim


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I also realize that when you come to a project & want to hack on it, you
have to work with what is there.  If that means you have to be flexible
languages, then so be it.  How many times have I learned some
built-in scripting language so I could solve some problem, never to use

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