Re: Graph::ASCII::Dia

On 23/03/06, Rob McDonald <robm asdl gatech edu> wrote:
It seems to me that you have a pretty short memory...  I'd say Hans didn't
start the flaming.

Sorry, Hans has basically said 'tough shit, use python or get lost'
repeatedly on list whenever anybody talks about using something else.
It's not helpful. and annoying.

I pointed out (reasonably) that having to use python for plugins is
lame, particularly when we have people writing useful code in Perl.

Frankly, I don't care, I can't stand Perl or Python, but
I realize it is Open source, people do this stuff in their free time, and
given the choice between writing a binding for every language on the face of
the earth or fixing bugs and adding features, I'm glad they spend the time
where they do.  Frankly, that goes for documentation too.

I've always found developer documentation for dia to be almost
entirely absent - I had to reverse engineer the XML format for autodia
to work because it was undocumented, looking at how to write a perl
API and allow plugins (two quite large jobs, mostly because the dia
side is undocumented) shows a complete abscence of any useful tips,
let alone documentation. This is annoying.

I also realize that when you come to a project & want to hack on it, you
have to work with what is there.  If that means you have to be flexible on
languages, then so be it.  How many times have I learned some proprietary
built-in scripting language so I could solve some problem, never to use it

Yeah - been there done that, fortunately perl, python, c and c++ are
not only all open source and therefore distributable and possible to
bundle, but they can also all integrate through the lowest common
denominator - i.e. C.

Here is that first (and only) message Hans wrote in reply in case it will
jog your memory:

You missed Han's reply saying - stuff your perl, use python, you suck,
or words to that effect, in response to the original post about using
Perl for ASCII. Much like his response when somebody brought up the
subject of Autodia on the list previously.

I don't want to have to solve exactly the same problems over and over
again, in this years trendy language, at least 'the cool kids' have
(mostly) moved onto the new cool 'Ruby' language and raving about that
and we get less python zealots.


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