Re: Graph::ASCII::Dia

On 22/03/06, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
Thats one of the things I find annoying about dia - WTF should I learn
python and rewrite cpan modules just to call a script from dia - lame
lame lame.

Very impressing and motivating words. Feel free to provide Perl bindings
to Dia or do what ever you see fit ;)

Of course if there was a binding API to build on, rather than just
some nasty python hackery I might bother.

Stuff python, I write perl, I'm not going to faff about with somebody
elses choice of language.

Not to start a language war - but I never got the reason why people prefer
write-only programming languages.
Er... right.. perl is far more expressive and therefore clear than
most other programming languages, if you can't express yourself
clearly thats your problem rather than that of the language. I don't
remember calling python the new cobol or dissing it, much as I could
if I wanted, I just can't be bothered with it when I don't have a good

Autodia is perl, and I'd write more dia related code if it wasn't a
python bigot.

And I would write less Dia related code if it would require Perl.
Who cares ?

But I didn't suggest that - I suggested not requiring or specifying
python. I haven't seen any python code that comes close to autodia, or
any of the other powerful perl tools I can lay my hands on to automate
working with dia or other applications.


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