Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

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wow I can't believe I missed this, and didn't read the accompanying wiki

I'm such a bad citizen at times :( 

Thanks for pointing to this work, seems Sun have put quite an effort
behind testing, generating prototypes and alike. It's nice to see
someone's doing this, hiding away in the wiki is bad though :( 

I think we could really benefit from a site for
demonstrating new ideas and creating concrete mockups and cataloging
testing data from various organisations who are performing usability
testing or have in the past.

We could even possibly get people grazing through and helping out,
especially people like the gnome-look community which is thriving and
still producing content on their brainstorm pages...

Handing all of this untamed talent, mentoring and directing them within
a structured framework could help build a thriving user experience

Imagine for a moment the litestep and afterstep desktops, people
configured them to crazy extents making whole new user experiences
within nothing but a few hours of dedicated concentration of how they
want things to be. 

Now take a look at GNOME shell, we've basically got something 1,000,000
times more powerful than litestep for hackability, this is next to a
community of willing and dedicated people... 

The thing that gets me is, they don't currently seem to be connected.
Personally I think that is the way to go. If we can create
a framework for distilling the good ideas down from multiple sources,
then I believe our user experience will become second to none. 

Any thoughts, flames, rants? 


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