Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

On 24 Jul 2009, at 19:13, Karl Lattimer wrote:

I think we could really benefit from a site for
demonstrating new ideas and creating concrete mockups and cataloging
testing data from various organisations who are performing usability
testing or have in the past.

Probably a bit OT here -- at the risk of causing myself some list moderation work, setting followups to usability gnome org :)

FWIW, we do already have <>, which used to redirect to d.g.o/projects/usability, but now redirects to l.g.o/ UsabilityProject.

Do we need a separate site outside of l.g.o for what you propose? Do we need to add as an alias for I don't know... maybe. The text-heavy UsabilityProject area could certainly do with a more attractive homepage, at least -- I basically just shovelled everything over verbatim from the old d.g.o usability site as quickly as possible when d.g.o was being deprecated, and haven't really had time to do a great deal of remodelling since.

We could even possibly get people grazing through and helping out,
especially people like the gnome-look community which is thriving and
still producing content on their brainstorm pages...

Our current equivalent, I guess, is < >. It's probably true that we haven't evangelised that enough, and of course some of the larger GNOME projects have their own design areas on l.g.o so don't use the usability Whiteboard area anyway.


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