Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

On Wed, 22.07.09 13:40, Jason D. Clinton (me jasonclinton com) wrote:

> > However, for people who make their living developing GNOME software, IMHO
> > it behooves them as professional open source software engineers to respect
> > the requirements of the other people who will be using the code they write,
> > insofar as those requirements are known up front.  And right now, every
> > professional GNOME developer knows up front that GNOME isn't confined to
> > running on Linux, so that should figure fairly strongly into their design
> > work.
> I am extremely grateful for all that Sun has done to move GNOME forward over
> the years--indeed much of that has benefited everyone including Linux. But,
> pardon me for pointing out the pink elephant in the room: why doesn't Sun
> just admit that (Open)Solaris is a dead-end?
> I mean, we all understood that Solaris was proprietary until recently. But
> now that Sun has admitted that wasn't going to work, why not just go the
> next logical step? ZFS is nice and all but you *do* hold the copyright. If
> the right managerial decision were to be made--say tomorrow--we wouldn't be
> having this conversation and Sun wouldn't even be out any business.

Please don't turn this in pointless and off-topic flamewar about the
point or pointlessness of Solaris.


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