Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)


> Now, there's no denying that until fairly recently, it was hard for  
> most non-Sun contributors to even test their stuff on Solaris, so you  
> could argue we're reaping what we sowed to some extent on that front.   
> Nowadays, though, OpenSolaris comes on a LiveCD and runs in VirtualBox  
> or in a dual-boot scenario pretty much as well as any Linux distro.   
> So it shouldn't be all that hard to at least check once in a while  
> that whatever you're working on is at least going to build, preferably  
> run, and ideally function in an OpenSolaris environment[2].

That's not in anyway Sun- or (insert-your-os-here)-specific. Say, I want
to test my module against the most used os/platform, I would at least
have to test (in no particular order):

* Ubuntu (ok, I tend to use that for work)
* Fedora
* OpenSuSE
* Gentoo
* FreeBSD
* OpenBSD
* NetBSD
* OpenSolaris
(to be continued)

OK, I can install all those in a virtual machine but just the amount of
work I had to put in for basic testing cannot be really done in my free

I think downstream contributers simply have to test our alpha and beta
versions and at least file bugs if they don't work. I am sure most
maintainers will happily fix them or apply patches.

In addition, we should start some discussion before introducing a new
technologie with at least *Linux, *BSD and *Solaris if this technologie
works for them or can be made work.

But this shouldn't stop us on the other hand to deliver the user the
latest and best features for her desktop because she simply doesn't care
about the technologies used.


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