Re: GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

The perception, at least from me personally, is that Sun isn't doing a
very good job at *working* with the GNOME community. Case in point, if
RBAC or Visual Panels are oh-so-much-better, why the heck are you guys
not trying to push it for non-Linux?

I can't speak for RBAC, but re Visual Panels, the control center ideas that Sun has been publicly kicking around since GUADEC are actually intended a first step along the way towards a migration to Visual Panels over time, for OpenSolaris at least.

Whether or not anyone outside of Sun has any interest in VP isn't really something we've tested the waters with yet, partly because it was initially intended as a project to provide GUI configuration for Solaris SMF services (I think the scope has widened a bit since then, though), and partly because Visual Panels themselves have mostly been written in Java up to now.

Neither of those make it an immediately-obvious candidate for widespread adoption, but I'm sure they're not insurmountable either. So if it turns out that the GNOME community like the general direction we've suggested for the control center, then sure, I'd certainly like to see us widen out the discussion to visual panels as well.


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