GNOME and non-linux platforms (release team please stand up)

A topic that was discussed in the hallways in Gran Canaria is the fact
that GNOME has gone from not letting non-linux platforms hold back
development of features (ie. introduction of HAL) to making choices that
basically means we are abandoning any attempts of allowing GNOME to run
on non-linux platforms.

The switch from HAL to udev is maybe the clearest one, but the push
towards PulseAudio for a lot of things have the same effect, as I think
Lennart has said multiple times that none of the non-linux systems like
Solaris or FreeBSD got a sound system capable of supporting PulseAudio.

Personally I don't necessarily object to this choice, as giving 95% of
our userbase a better and more competitive experience critical for
future growth, and trying to come up with lowest common denominator
abstractions might be a hindrance for that, but I do object to the fact
that we are making this choice without actually having made it.

So I would like to ask the GNOME release team to please come forward
and clearly state that the future of GNOME is to be a linux desktop
system as opposed to a desktop system for any Unix-like system.


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