Re: Translations of folder names - re-hiding special directories

Today at 11:26, Ryan McDougall wrote:

> Seriously, if the presentation of the User's folders is only sane via
> the GUI, and not meant to be manipulated by us crazy shell users, then
> they should be hidden. That way they'd be just like all the things that
> Havoc previously mentioned that live only in GNOME (computer://, multi-
> rooted file systems, ...), and there'd be no conflict with the shell and
> no lying to the user -- its all opaque to them.

As a shell user, I'd certainly prefer to have "~/Desktop" (well, I'd
prefer $HOME to be my desktop, but that's another discussion; lets say
that I'd prefer ~/Templates for my templates instead)  for my desktop:
it's easier to type than switching keyboard layouts while in terminal
to type "~/Радна површ".  Still, I'd like there to be an option for me
to find out about the translated name if I want, so I could perhaps
even write a shell script to get translated names for all the paths
(even with proposed gettext-approach, I could use 
  $ gettext filesystem "Desktop" 
to get the translated name, i.e. through the shell, I can put that in
my PS1 as well, and get translated folder name in my prompt string
with enough magic from pwd, basename and gettext commands).

The only thing I don't like about gettext approach is that I can't
set those names myself (either from a shell or Nautilus), without
having root access (to be able to write, and even with
root access the steps are not really simple for someone who doesn't
know much about gettext stuff.

The catch here is that I want a slightly different change: user can
set a *display name* for any folder on disk, and can do so in a 
number of translations.


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