Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals


Let's also think clearly about when each name is used.

Take ~/Desktop and a translation Escritorio.

In the *current UI* in GNOME 2.8, my expectation would be:
 - anywhere we have a URI or path, it should be ~/Desktop
 - anywhere we are just saying "the desktop" such as the 
   bookmarks in the file manager, it should be Escritorio

This is the same way that we would not do escapes like %20 in a display
name, or put file:/// in a display name, but would put those things in
the machine-readable form.

So the actual file chooser currently shows Escritorio as the bookmark,
but if I'm viewing my homedir it says Desktop for the subdir name. The
proposal here is that we'd use gettext (or some other means) to use
Escritorio for the subdir name instead.

But say you DND that file as a path or URI; it would be ~/Desktop in
that machine-readable form. So if you copy a path and then paste in a
terminal it will be ~/Desktop.

If I'm using an old Motif app then it doesn't see things quite the same
way; but that is already true in thousands of ways and this one is not
worse. Plenty of OS X and GNOME users have adapted to these sort of
issues including several instances of exactly this same issue, and we
can't ever improve anything if we have "Motif apps will also be
improved" as a criteria. The criteria should be "Motif apps keep working
as they always have," not "Motif apps will also be improved." Think
about it: the Motif apps are mostly likely going to barf on the UTF-8
filenames anyhow... openmotif doesn't even support UTF-8.


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