Re: Translations of folder names - re-hiding special directories

1. Firstly I want to state that I'm not trying to only think of shell
users/programmers.  We *should* try to make the GUI work without the
shell, but that doesn't mean we should ditch the shell (its too damn
useful)! I just think that making the GUI totally contradict Unix and
the shell, or otherwise crippling it for the sake of Aunt Tilly, is an
unacceptable loss.

If you think I'm being over dramatic, seriously consider what *you*
would do if the situation was reversed, and you received your desktop
from China, where all the development and commands were in Chinese, with
some crazy Chinese characters that you didn't understand in your $HOME?
If it was me I'd delete them since I already have English folders in
GNOME, right? OOPS!! Why did my English folders disappear too?!

Aside: How would "The In-GUI Solution" solve someone moving the English
named special directory? Recreate the English named one? We'd have
multiple directories again! How is that better than "The In-FileSystem

Are you going to tell me (the user above) that I'm too stupid to use the
shell, and I should go back to the GUI?

2. Secondly, I want to say that if we translate "In-GUI", then the
actual directory where the files are stored should be hidden. That means
its back to ~/.gnome2/desktop for us.

If the special directories are not meant to be touched via the shell by
anyone who doesn't know *exactly* what they are doing, then WHY ON EARTH
would they be visible via the shell?? Just slam them in ~/.gnome2 and
let the GUI handle presenting them to the user in GNOME.

Seriously, if the presentation of the User's folders is only sane via
the GUI, and not meant to be manipulated by us crazy shell users, then
they should be hidden. That way they'd be just like all the things that
Havoc previously mentioned that live only in GNOME (computer://, multi-
rooted file systems, ...), and there'd be no conflict with the shell and
no lying to the user -- its all opaque to them.


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