Deskbar Applet 0.1

Again, this is mostly an announcement, about another Gnome panel applet,
but I thought it might be of interest to this mailing list.

Basically, it's a version of Google's (Windows only) Deskbar
( ), although you're not restricted
to searching through Google.  Out of the box, you can use engines like
Yahoo, A9, the Wikipedia, as well as gnome-search-tool.  Eventually, I
would love to see it integrate with Beagle, as an interface to desktop
search (which seems to be quite topical).   Also, check out these
screenshots of Copernic's Desktop Search (especially the Deskbar one):

It looks a bit like the current mini-commander, and it sounds related to
these notes ( ) that I found -
although as written, Auric does not seem to be concerned with web
search.  Auric's interface is also reminiscent of Epiphany's location
bar (which offers Google search in its completion drop down) whereas my
applet is more Firefox-like in having a separate (Google) search box
next to the browser's location bar.  I could be convinced about the
former, but currently I like the latter.

A screenshot (200KB animated .gif) of my applet is at:

Download (sourceforge) at:


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