Re: Translations of folder names - re-hiding special directories

danilo gnome org (Danilo Šegan) writes:

> Today at 11:26, Ryan McDougall wrote:
>> Seriously, if the presentation of the User's folders is only sane via
>> the GUI, and not meant to be manipulated by us crazy shell users, then
>> they should be hidden. That way they'd be just like all the things that
>> Havoc previously mentioned that live only in GNOME (computer://, multi-
>> rooted file systems, ...), and there'd be no conflict with the shell and
>> no lying to the user -- its all opaque to them.
> As a shell user, I'd certainly prefer to have "~/Desktop"

But as a shell user, you could easily make a symlink yourself. I have
one to my .public_html directory and to some specific subdirectories
in it. And I get to name my symlinks myself and choose where they
should be.

Fundamentally, populating a user's home directory without allowing
that person to rename his stuff seems a bit broken. The user should be
in control, not the other way round. Ordinary people like to arrange
their surroundings too.

Ole Laursen

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