Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 02:48 +0900, Jan Mor�wrote:
> In the file selector, I would have "Escritorio" - but, if I clicked the
> "home" folder, I would also have "Desktop" available; and if I
> bookmarked that for the file selector, I could well have both as options
> without ever acknowliging that they in fact are the one and same?

No, that's how it works today. With the proposal, you would see
Escritorio in all those cases. What you're describing is the problem
we're trying to solve with the two proposals Alex posted.

> I really, _really_ do not see how having a gconf key available pointing
> at whatever happens to be the "Desktop" folder is worse.

Because it's more complex - likely to break, and likely to waste a bunch
of someone like Alex's time fixing stupid corner cases. We have
empirical evidence of that from past GNOME experience and from Windows
experience and from common sense based on writing lots of desktop code.

If the dir is configurable, based on either symlink or gconf key or
whatever, I would agree that the sane approach (and I think KDE does
this) is to have a g_get_desktop_dir() (or equivalent) and say
that you have to use that library function. We should probably do the
same for datadir, and other directories that we'd like to be able to
move around.


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