Re: Translations of folder names - re-hiding special directories

On Mon, 2004-13-12 at 12:49 +0100, Danilo Šegan wrote:
> Today at 11:26, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> > Seriously, if the presentation of the User's folders is only sane via
> > the GUI, and not meant to be manipulated by us crazy shell users, then
> > they should be hidden. That way they'd be just like all the things that
> > Havoc previously mentioned that live only in GNOME (computer://, multi-
> > rooted file systems, ...), and there'd be no conflict with the shell and
> > no lying to the user -- its all opaque to them.
> As a shell user, I'd certainly prefer to have "~/Desktop" (well, I'd
> prefer $HOME to be my desktop, but that's another discussion; lets say
> that I'd prefer ~/Templates for my templates instead)  for my desktop:
> it's easier to type than switching keyboard layouts while in terminal
> to type "~/Радна површ".  Still, I'd like there to be an option for me


I would like to say that I'm totally against the assumption that being a
shell user implies you can speak English. It maybe easier for you to
have English than switching layouts, but I think the majority of non-
English speakers will *never* being changing locals, let alone layouts.
For those people "~/Templates" might as well be "~/TsgHg!ばかことば %". Would
*you* stand that kind of crud in your workspace (forgetting the magic
reasons why its there in the first place)?

While I don't want to "shaft Aunt Tilly", the shell is a major
functionality of Unix, and we should not make it any more hostile to
non-English speakers than necessary. Putting English names in $HOME is
polluting the user's space, and therefore should be hidden and given
plenty of room to be magic.

(Or lets use another solution;)

> Cheers,
> Danilo


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