Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 03:35 +0900, Jan Morén wrote:
> Hmm. So I would have a file selector that is lying to me? I would do "ls
> ~", and see "Desktop", then use gedit to open a file and "Desktop" would
> be nowhere to be found (replaced by "Skrivbord" or "机", depending on
> what language I use that day)?

Now you're talking about the shell or Motif apps, and that brings me
back to the original point: given a tradeoff between a downside for
shell users and a downside for all users, the shell users should not be
optimized for if we have our priorities right.

Note *given a tradeoff*. If someone steps up with the Perfect Solves
Everything solution then there's no debate.

But our general principle to date has *not* been consistency with shell.

 - file hierarchy is displayed as multi-rooted in file chooser
 - the Computer folder in nautilus
 - making mounted devices appear on the desktop, not in "ls ~/Desktop"
 - any URI not starting with file:/// displayed in nautilus/filechooser,
   these are not available in the shell or legacy apps
 - .desktop files
 - .directory files

The point being, if you start saying "we have to be consistent with
shell" we're going to have to go back and change all that stuff.
And this shows that restricting ourselves to the UNIX filesystem model
that shells use will have major negative UI consequences.


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