Re: Font Preferences Dialog Proposal Re: Font Configuration Applet

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 19:34 +0100, Samuel Abels wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 18:58, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> > So, I think the DPI stuff should be made machine-specific and belongs into
> > the RANDR applet anyway (with a _GUI_ option to turn it off, or at least
> > defaulting to _off_!)
> Agreed. And while we are at touching the "Details..." Dialog of the font
> applet - that thing IMO needs a major rework. It is inconsistent with
> other dialogs, (Headings have a ":" appended, widgets have no indent
> relative to the headings, ...) and looks kind of cluttered anyway. And
> what good does that "Go to the font folder" there? It is not related to
> the rendering options in any way.
> Thinking more about that dialog - has anyone ever needed this at all?
> Maybe changing the subpixel order is required on some LCDs, but then I
> would propose to merge the rendering options with these settings into a
> new dialog.
> Ok, another mockup here, I propose that as a replacement (please ignore
> the different heights.)
> -Samuel

I  like this overall and think this makes sense, if the dpi issue can be
resolved in an intelligent place and manner. Though moving dpi to the
RANDR applet, I am not entirely sure about, I can see it as being a
valid solution.

The Font Zoom option idea would make sense perhaps adding it on the main
Fonts tab, beneath document fonts? Make it a percentage though, with the
default being 100%, like how windows does in the advanced screen
options, 100% normal, 125% large font etc.


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