Font Configuration Applet


if we add another font category, "Document Font", to the font
configuration applet, then there's for sure too much widgets on it. I'd
propose the following:

Remove application font, desktop font and window title font in favour of
one preference. For window titles that font is used in bold.

I don't see a lot of mamas wanting a different font for the desktop than
for applications. And that who cares that much about his window title
font is an artist anyway - in my imaginal set of personas for the GNOME
desktop there is no artist.

This allows us to add a document font property and end up with less
widgets than before.

In my opinion the four variants for anti aliasing should also be reduced
to two: LCD or not. Of course it would be better if this could be auto

Thanks for your time.

Markus Bertheau <twanger bluetwanger de>

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