Re: Font Configuration Applet

On Sat, 2004-12-04 at 23:22, Markus Bertheau wrote:
> Remove application font, desktop font and window title font in favour of
> one preference. For window titles that font is used in bold.

As for the Desktop font: No way. Do not touch it. A nice desktop font
has to be different from the application font, if only for the size.
For the window title fonts... maybe. Though there are probably themes
out there that are designed for other fonts. Also, remember that some
fonts do not have "bold". We always need to make compromises between
"how much candy do we add" and "how much choice do we need". I do not
know whether five fonts are too much, but four looks perfectly
acceptable to me.

A quick mockup:

> In my opinion the four variants for anti aliasing should also be reduced
> to two: LCD or not. Of course it would be better if this could be auto
> detected.

I guess the availability of a "Monochrome" rendering is rather a
technical reason (like, monochrome monitors, though I'm not sure whether
we actually still support this) then eye-candy, so that would leave us
with at least three options - monochrome, LCD and non-LCD.

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