Font Preferences Dialog Proposal Re: Font Configuration Applet

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 18:58, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> So, I think the DPI stuff should be made machine-specific and belongs into
> the RANDR applet anyway (with a _GUI_ option to turn it off, or at least
> defaulting to _off_!)

Agreed. And while we are at touching the "Details..." Dialog of the font
applet - that thing IMO needs a major rework. It is inconsistent with
other dialogs, (Headings have a ":" appended, widgets have no indent
relative to the headings, ...) and looks kind of cluttered anyway. And
what good does that "Go to the font folder" there? It is not related to
the rendering options in any way.

Thinking more about that dialog - has anyone ever needed this at all?
Maybe changing the subpixel order is required on some LCDs, but then I
would propose to merge the rendering options with these settings into a
new dialog.

Ok, another mockup here, I propose that as a replacement (please ignore
the different heights.)

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