Re: Opera backend for Beagle

> Hmm. I'm quiet sure that I've waited enough after visiting page and
> before trying to search its content. And I've just tested if Beagle
> indexes that sites content after shutting down Opera. For example:
> here we have a rare word "LiveUSB". I just visited this page with

Possibly something else is going on because I cant reproduce this.
I have a gutsy VM for testing. I installed opera in it (v9.24).
Started beagled. Visited the above page in opera. Didnt even close
opera after that, and just searched for liveusb.

ubuntu ubuntu-vm:~$ beagle-query --verbose liveusb
Debug: Done reading conf from /etc/beagle/config-files/Daemon.xml
First hit returned in 0.160s
Returned latest 1 results out of total 1 matches
PaUri: (null)
 Snip: html?sid=a634a3665cb7843ae03cfb2973da0065   Problem with
booting "<font color="red"><b>LiveUSB</b></font>"   ... Post subject:
Problem with booting "<font color="red"><b>LiveUSB</b></font>"   ...<font color="red"><b>liveusb</b></font>.xml ...<font
color="red"><b>liveusb</b></font>.xml ...
 Type: WebHistory
MimeT: text/html
  Src: Opera
Score: 7.66516304016113
    beagle:ExactFilename = 'opr0001E.html'
    beagle:Filename = 'opr0001E'
    beagle:FilenameExtension = '.html'
    beagle:FileType = 'document'
    beagle:HitType = 'WebHistory'
    beagle:IsChild = 'false'
    beagle:MimeType = 'text/html'
    beagle:Source = 'Opera'
    dc:title = 'Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Problem with booting "LiveUSB"'
    fixme:charset = 'System.Text.UTF8Encoding'
    fixme:compression = 'gzip'
    fixme:host = ''
    fixme:saveTime = '2007-11-14 21:44:10 (Utc)'
    fixme:size = '13229'

Elapsed time: 0.323s
Total hits: 1

So it works for me :( I tried other examples too ... and they all work.
Can you keep an eye on beagled log (either through the log files or
simply start beagled with --fg) ? And watch for any suspicious log
messages ? Pass "--backend Opera" to beagled to only start the Opera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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