Re: Opera backend for Beagle

Maybe I can help with testing? I can upgrade to the latest SVN, is
there any configure option that I should turn on to enable Opera
backend? What exactly tests should be done?

> Kevin,
> > It was tested against the initial Opera 9.0 release, it really just
> > needs some hardening, its not very stable and tends to go ape when it
> > can't process a file properly. Anyways, all it needs is 20 minutes of
> > love to bring it into the same ballpark as other backends, I'll look
> > into updating it for the 0.3.1 release.
> That makes me nervous :) Should it be included in 0.3 ? I didnt realize that
> it was never released since it was added - so basically it never got enough
> testing. One thing we can do is to add it to the list of excluded backends in
> the global config. Users who want to use it can then change it locally. But
> if its not that ready, I would really like to disable it altogether.
> - dBera
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Andrey Melentyev
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