Opera backend for Beagle


I wonder what is the current state of Opera backend for Beagle? Here:
http://beagle-project.org/Supported_Filetypes its being said that
Opera web history indexing is supported. And here:
http://beagle-project.org/RoadMap we have a link to an old bugzilla
entry marked as "RESOLVED - FIXED" which means that we now have an
Opera backend for Beagle. But in "beagle-info --list-backends" output
on my system with Beagle-0.2.18 there is nothing about Opera.

IMHO it would be very good to see a working Opera backend compatible
with latest Opera-9.5 branch. Or at least if Opera support was
completely removed, please edit the beagle-project.org wiki pages
according to the current list of supported backends.

Thanks in advance.

Andrey Melentyev
andrey melentyev gmail com

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