Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)

> Hello again,
> On 2002.11.14 23:21 Toralf wrote:
>> A patch is attached (BALSA_2 branch, current CVS.)
> At this point I would like to mention that I am maintaining a private 
> patch that may make it into the mainstream yet. Until now it was not 
> eligible for inclusion in CVS because it did not take the needs of 
> dialup users into account. If Balsa gets a dialup flag, this would 
> make it possible to apply my patch as well.
> While I don't want to check for new messages in IMAP, for reasons 
> I've already explained, I do like to see the tree view populated with 
> message counts. My patch will "half open" each IMAP folder and 
> retrieve the message and unread counts for all folders.
Shouldn't the mail check always do that?

[ ... ]
> Once I get Gnome 2 ready and Balsa compiled with it, I will port my 
> patch and post it to the list (it's very small). Maybe you can work 
> it into yours so they can be committed together.

> Regards,
> Melanie
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