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  • [xml] serialize nodes returned by successive XPath evaluation; preserving namespaces, Matt Magoffin
  • [xml] IO callbacks are not thread-safe, Nick Wellnhofer
  • [xml] error while compilation using libxml2, sana refai
  • Re: [xml] Building libxml2 with the Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero toolset, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] Broken links on xmlsoft.org/downloads.html, Wim Lewis
  • [xml] Bug in encoding detection with document(), Chuck Bearden
  • Re: [xml] xmlAllocOutputBuffer uses XML_BUFFER_ALLOC_EXACT, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] validate against multiple schema, Francesco Lazzarino
  • [xml] libxml header files for powerpc, Jerry Wang
  • [xml] Incorrect linenumber in error reporting, Kris Breuker
  • [xml] patch: entities parser context options, Rob Richards
  • [xml] xml2-config NOT Found, Simon Bateman
  • [xml] Installing libxml2 on 1386 GNU/Linux, michel
  • [xml] xmlSetProp reports error - "error : string is not in UTF-8" for a URL !, Prashant R
  • [xml] disabling all warnings and errors at runtime, Prashant R
  • [xml] addSibling missing check for element equality, Kris Breuker
  • [xml] Error on including and importing schemas already parsed, Oblivian
  • [xml] xpath problem, Jovan Kostovski
  • [xml] Possible Bug: Internal Error while validating document, Luke Robison
  • [xml] ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF in xmlversion.h, Belgabor
  • [xml] Outdated URL on http://xmlsoft.org/downloads.html, Vincent Lefevre
  • [xml] File names vs URIs on the command line, Mike Hommey
  • Re: [xml] htmlDocDumpMemory() vs xmlDocDumpMemory(), Julien Chaffraix
  • [xml] nbParse* variables, Mike Hommey

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