[xml] xml2-config NOT Found

I am not sure if this is the right place -- BUT

I'ave an aged [2000] box with ubuntu 8.10 [flux Window Manager] 310mB RAM AMD:500Khz processor

I have downloaded Apache 2.2 +mySQL [OK]
and am trying to 'configure' PHP 5.2.9

I get following
Configuring extensions
checking whether to enable LIBXML support... yes
checking libxml2 install dir... no
checking for xml2-config path...
configure: error: xml2-config not found. Please check your libxml2

root compaq-presario:~/Documents/PHP/php-5.2.9# ./configure
--prefix=/usr/local/php --with-apxs2=/usr/bin/apxs2
--with-mysql=/usr/share/mysql --enable-magic-quotes

PHP say this is not their fault??!!
I used synaptic-package manager to re-install latest? libxml2 [2.6.32]

Simon Bateman
aka Mr.Grumpy

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