[xml] Possible Bug: Internal Error while validating document

I've encountered a problem while trying to validate a document whose
schema has a lot of xs:includes.  I've paired it down to the smallest
base case I could manage, but it is still 6 (short) files.

The problem presents itself in xmllint using the files I've attached:

$ xmllint --schema aggregator.xsd --noout validate_me.xml
Schemas parser error : Internal error: xmlSchemaParseIncludeOrRedefine,
trying to use an already parsed schema for a different targetNamespace.
Schemas parser error : Internal error: xmlSchemaParse, An internal error
WXS schema aggregator.xsd failed to compile

I've seen this error using 2.7.3, 2.7.2, 2.6.26, and 2.6.28 on Linux.
The document validates using SaxonSA and Xerces, and, interestingly,
using libxml2 2.6.16 on OS X 10.5, leading me to believe this might be a


Luke Robison
robison arlut utexas edu
Applied Research Laboratories: University of Texas
Engineering Scientist Associate

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