Re: [sabayon] Import failure

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 11:03:23AM -0600, Chris Carpenter wrote:
> Okay, well i've actually just been ordered to move to KDE anyways... so i
> guess this line of troubleshooting ends. However, just to let you know: I
> added the root profile rule in order to attempt to keep sabayon from trying
> to apply the "Kiosk" profile to root. Was that not needed?

Well, really, it's a bad idea to log in graphically as root anyway.  Typically,
you'd want to apply profiles only to certain users or groups.  The biggest
reason I added the group functionality was this use-case: to apply a profile to
a group of people, but NOT wanting to have a global default.

At any rate, thanks for trying out Gnome + Sabyaon.  I think KDE's got a Kiosk
tool that does some of what sabayon does.


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