[sabayon] metadata timestamp?

def __update_file_or_dir_node (self, file_or_dir_node, source, attributes, metadata):
        # Set properties

        unlink_children (file_or_dir_node)

        file_or_dir_node.setProp ("timestamp", str (int (time.time ())))
        file_or_dir_node.setProp ("user",      util.get_user_name ())
        file_or_dir_node.setProp ("host",      socket.gethostname ())

Anybody know what is the purpose of this timestamp in our current metadata? It seems to be not the mtime but rather the moment it was added to the profile. It seems that sabayon is not using this timestamp, user or host for anything.

In any case, I'm adding os.lstat() st_mtime and st_mode so it can be used during extract.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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