Re: [sabayon] Import failure

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 09:37:52AM -0600, Chris Carpenter wrote:
> Yes, I checked /etc/passwd and did not see any problems. I had to manually
> create users.xml because it was never created since I get a seg fault every
> time i try to start the users dialog. I simply did the following after
> looking at the documentation on your site:
> <profiles>
>     <default profile="Kiosk" />
>     <user name="root" profile="Root" />
> </profiles>

I have no idea what the results would be for applying sabayon profiles to root.
Normally they're applied to unpriv'd users.

> I will attach a copy of my /etc/passwd file, just in case i'm missing
> something.

I checked it, seems fine.


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