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  • UI freeze break request for g-c-c, Gunnar Hjalmarsson
  • Feature freeze break request for Sushi, Cosimo Cecchi
  • Re:Neodymium ring magnets/D14*9*6mm/N52, Boyce Xiao
  • [evolution] String freeze break approval plea, Milan Crha
  • [gnome-online-accounts] Created branch gnome-3-34, Debarshi Ray
  • [gnome-settings-daemon] Created branch gnome-3-34, Carlos Garnacho
  • notes from thessaloniki meeting, Matthias Clasen
  • [release-notes] Created branch gnome-3-34, Link Dupont
  • Release Team presentation at the GNOME Foundation AGM, Allan Day
  • Four-in-a-Row board drawing fix, Arnaud Bonatti
  • Специалисту по закупкам, Для отдела закупок
  • gnome-desktop 3.33.91, Abderrahim Kitouni
  • [gnome-photos] Created branch gnome-3-34, Debarshi Ray
  • управление денежными средствами, Anastasiya . I
  • Дробление бизнеса, риски и выгоды., Alexandra . V
  • Targeted Competitors/Decision Makers End Users Install Base, Kim Vicki
  • [gnome-panel] Created branch gnome-3-32, Alberts Muktupāvels
  • [gnome-tweaks] Created branch gnome-3-32, Piotr Drąg
  • Bump release date for 3.34 from 9/11, Britt Yazel
  • graphene 1.9.6, Emmanuele Bassi
  • NetworkManager 1.16.4, Thomas Haller
  • NetworkManager 1.21.1, Thomas Haller
  • NetworkManager 1.20.0, Thomas Haller
  • quadrapassel 3.33.90, Jeremy Bicha
  • gnome-mahjongg 3.33.90, Jeremy Bicha
  • gnome-desktop 3.33.90, Michael Catanzaro
  • [gnome-nibbles] Created branch gnome-3-32, Michael Catanzaro
  • pyatspi 2.33.90, Mike Gorse
  • [gnome-books] Created branch gnome-3-32, Bastien Nocera
  • Some nigthly flatpaks are failing to build, Javier Jardón

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