Re: [orca-list] new a11y Dev Team was Most accessible IDE for java

On Thursday 29 December 2016 07:15 PM, chrys87 web de wrote:
Howdy my frind,

Glad to read from you :).

Our team is rising and rising :).
I think its good to make some meeting after all that holiday and new year stuff.
Wonderful, we can meet online with IRC.

I have waited for some good documentation on Orca scripting.
Ah that may be a good point to start :). I have some insight in orca, scripting and its structure (while i 
did SOPS and beeping progress bars), for sure just a small pice of joanies knowledge  but maybe enough to 
coatch you in creating a howto scripting with orca. What do you think? Do you want to do thst? That would 
bring a lot of knowledge  for you and others can more easy dive in if there is a usefull howto.

Would I?
This is exactly what I was thinking and would love to do it myself if there is some guidance. I do tuns of programming in Python and I do a lot of documentation for the classes and functions my other colleagues write.
So that should be a great starting point.
Do let me know when we meet.
I guess others can also join it.
I heartily thank you for taking this up seriously.
I am all in for this.
Happy hacking.

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