Re: [orca-list] Most accessible IDE for java

José Vilmar Estácio de Souza <vilmar informal com br> wrote:
I like eclipse, but I'm disappointed with the current accessibility problems
presented in linux.

Do you mean the Eclipse problems? Perhaps telling the developers that a number
of people care about this will raise the priority of fixing those bugs.

Although more attention has been given to accessibility in recent years,
including the implementation  of accessibility APIs in applications, nobody
seems to have solved the software engineering problem of bringing down the
number and severity of bugs to an acceptable level and keeping it there. There
are just too many accessibility bugs, and it doesn't seem to matter whether or
not the software is developed by a large corporation with vast rsources (as in
well known operating system and application  vendors) or by smaller groups
with fewer resources.

The solution is probably a combination of technical and social changes,
including educational measures and more effective regulations.

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