Re: [orca-list] Most accessible IDE for java

On Saturday 17 December 2016 07:40 AM, Jason White via orca-list wrote:
Tom Masterson <kd7cyu gmail com> wrote:
The subject line pretty much says it.  What is the most accessible IDE for
writing java.

A few years ago I would have said that Eclipse was the obvious choice here. It
is designed for writing Java. I haven't used it, but, until recently, reports
about its accessibility were encouraging. Unfortunately, the recent GTK3
version has reportedly suffered some regressions.

Emacs has very sophisticated extensions for programmers, and may well be the
most accessible option at the moment for Linux users.

I use Eclipse day in and day out for all my programming work.
For a long time I have programmed in Java and Python, but now exclusively in Python with the pydev extention. So you can certainly use Eclipse with Java including the git support which is accessible too. If you wish I can send you a link to an uploaded version of accessible Eclipse version which I am using with Ubuntu 16.04 unity. I am aware that recent gtk3 based versions are having issues, but I haven't used it because I did not feel the need to upgrade from Juno.
It does pretty much all that an advanced programmer expects from an IDE.
Happy hacking.

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