Re: [orca-list] Orca & GSettings


I think it's fairly reasonable to expect people using a unix system to =
edit text files to configure things.  I know that in mac land things are =
different (I looked at your email headers).   I don't mind a gui =
existing, but I won't right it, and I don't want its existance to force =
me to instal packages.

You got me. I use osx (Darwin wow! an unix system too), linux and =
freebsd in daily basis. Anyway, I don't want to trigger a flame about.

agreed, I'm not going to argue about it but while osx is posix I don't really think its a unix.

One more package installed automatically by your package system (deb or =
rpm based) don't hurt. Really.

personally I tend to prefer gentoo for my own machines so its portage.  that's a dangerous attitude to take 
where do we put the line?  The real issue is that I don't want to have to use and fix it.  also this is the 
sort of silly thing that leads to gsu on kde systems.  unless it provides some amazing functionality that you 
as a programmer can't get any other way why should I as a user be forced to install a package?  Its mostly 
the principal of the thing.     having written code to deal with configuration files I know a library is more 
than what is needed, and a daemon is just plain not ok with me.

   I don't think so.
Yes unix is different from windows or your mac, but I'd argue that you =
spend a lot longer as an expert with a tool than as someone learning it =
thus the tool should be effecient for a expert, and provide =
documentation to teach the new person instead of simply being easy for =
the new person to use and ineffecient for an expert.

Personally I want to believe that a mixed solution is out there. Improve =
orca's documentation is a must.

agreed on the documentation, and don't force people to install more gnome packages and we're good.

   With our planned settings system you can implement a backend=3D20
based on text files if you want. Only for your old-school needs ;)
you don't always get a choice in the matter, what do you do if X wakes =
up dead? or you need to do something remotely?  While I don't know what =
this will actually look like that seems like a lot more reasonable plan =
than what you seemed to be proposing friday.

One question, orca works if X wakes up dead? AFAIK you can only =
configure it in a shell. IMHO GTK is needed.

true, I gues I was thinking more generally about the virtues of files over gnome messes.

Not exactly proposed in friday but more than one week ago [1]

maybe I'm missunderstanding what your saying.  As I understood it when you sent the first email thursday I 
believe?  You wanted to talk directly and only to gsettings which would have meant that any orca user would 
have had to install gsettings.  As I understand your last few emails on the other hand you want to implement 
a api to get settings from with several plugins that can be used to store the settings.  Which as I 
understand it would lead fairly easily to being able to only build certain configuration system plugins at 
build time which would make gsettings an optional dependancy of orca which I'm fine with.


ok, my oops I didn't catch the comment about abstracting.  Not knowing much python I justt  skimmed the 
gobject introspection stuff.


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