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One big thing I found rather disturbing about gconf in general is the
lack of documentation on how to use it.  At least I don't know where
to find it if it indeed exists.  I learned about the gconf variables
concerning a11y for the gdm login purely by word of mouth.  I
personally find plain old text files the best way to configure
things.  I don't know why all the rage for gconf, registries
(microsoft), gsettings, etc.  In fact, today is the first time I ever
heard of gsettings.  How easy is it to verify values in gsettings? I
think with gconf you can use some gconf2 commands or something.  I
feel like the user may lose much control of his/her environment with
these things.  But if that is the direction to go, I guess we haven't
much choice, do we.

On Fri, Jun 04, 2010 at 02:50:02PM +0200, Javier HernÃndez wrote:
Hi all!

I'm Javier HernÃndez and i'm working in Orca for the Guadalinfo
Accesible Project (

At the moment, my work consists on change Orca's own config to
something more in line with the gnome desktop way, like gconf or

Our first intention was move Orca's config to gsettings, but
gsettings isn't released yet and also there's not a python
implementation to working with, so finally we decided to move it to

Once we get Orca's working with gconf, it will be more easy move to

My first step was obtain config's keys from actual,
getting possible and/or default values for each key and its types.

The next step is to generate a gconf schema for Orca and start to
work with it, but i need to know if I have to add/remove some other
configuration elements, so if anyone is interested in contribute
with this i will be grateful.

Actually, there is an open bug to track this purpose (


Javier HernÃndez<javiube gmail com>

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