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El 04/06/2010, a las 16:03, Joanmarie Diggs escribió:

Hey Steve.

(microsoft), gsettings, etc.  In fact, today is the first time I ever
heard of gsettings.  How easy is it to verify values in gsettings?

I'll leave this question to the more knowledgeable folks (i.e. the guys
from Emergya).

But if that is the direction to go, I guess we haven't
much choice, do we.

Well, we (Orca team) have caught flack over the years for not being a
"good GNOME citizen." Good GNOME citizens don't roll their own settings.
Good GNOME citizens are also no longer using gconf but are migrating to
gsettings as part of GNOME 3.0. So ultimately that's where things are
going. And ultimately, I'm not convinced we do have that much of a

Having said that, I think that this conversion is going to prove to be
valuable to us in ways far beyond earning the respect of our fellow
modules. In particular:

* Make it possible for us to work better with the new Universal 
 Preferences UI.

* Make the saving and loading of settings much more straightforward 
 (which in turn will give us things like fast language switching)

* Make it possible to change settings on the fly without having to 
 write them all out

* Solve the problem where a screwed-up file completely 
 hoses Orca

* Fix a bunch of quirky settings bugs y'all have discovered over the 

* Other stuff I'm probably not thinking of at the moment. Need more

So I for one welcome our new gsettings overlords. And I'm extremely
grateful to have Emergya doing this work, and the support of the
Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos/Junta de Andalucía making it possible.

Take care.

Joanie, you get the point about this transition. Orca will be hardened in many ways with only putting order 
in its settings handling.

Alejandro Leiva
Área de Proyectos

Emergya Consultoría
Tfno: +34 954 51 75 77
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