Re: [orca-list] Capital, Capital, Capital

Dnia 2008-03-19, Åro o godzinie 12:57 +0000, Jonathan Duddington pisze:
Bohdan wrote:

This is limitation of "key" command - double quote, space and
underscore must not be send as-is, but must be defined 'by name'.
There is synthesizer problem and probably will be fixed in eSpeak
(Jonathan promised to think about it).

This is fixed in eSpeak 1.36 (now in Ubuntu Hardy for Beta Release).

If you mean 1.36.02 - still does not work.

<say-as interpret-as="tts:key">_</say_as>

Should be:
<say-as interpret-as="tts:key">underscore</say-as>


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